Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely HATE dressing for winter - coats and scarfs and all of that thanks. I live for dressing for the summer. Whether you want be casual or dressy, summer clothes are just so much more interesting, and there's so much more to play with. 

Now the Boho trend has come around in a huge way this year and I am SO THANKFUL for this. Its always been one of my favorite looks, its casual and easy to put together but it's always stunning, and comfortable! 

Cute little white gypsy tops and anything tan are my two summer obsessions at the moment. Denim shorts have ALWAYS been my summer staple. Below is a little look I've put together using Topshop and River Island (links to the pieces are below) which is a good representation of what I'll be wearing to work this summer. 

  • Keep it casual by wearing boyfriend or mom shorts, this goes with the slouchy boho style and keeps it fashionable (tip: avoid tight denim hot pants, which can look...lets just say not so nice)
  • PILE on the jewellery, natural opaque stones are perfect. If you're worried that you're wearing too much then go by the old Coco Chanel rule and take off the last thing you put on
  • Slouchy, baggy cardigans and wraps are a great contrast to showing off your pins in those shorts, and they're perfect for when it gets chilly in the evening on the beach or round a barbecue.

Mixed Shell Bracelet - Topshop £15
Fringed Cape -  River Island £40
Drop Earrings - Topshop £7.50
Lexi Round Sunglasses - Topshop £16
Mixed Chain Necklace - Topshop £45
TECHNO Sandals - Topshop £32
Girlfriend Shorts - Topshop £28
Jovonna Cami Top - Topshop £45
Stone Wrapped Ring - Topshop £.750

I'd love to know some of your favourite summer trends so leave them in the comments below, and while you're there tell me what you think of the new blog layout! It was WELLLL due a turf out.

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